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Congratulations to our March/April Students of the Month

This month our teacher's selected students who are socially responsible citizens:
- Establish and accomplish personal goals
- Actively participate in social and cultural causes
- Advocate for important issues in their community

Congrats to the following students:
9th Grade:
Sanabriga, Kevin: A student thatalways puts himself second when itcomes to help others. An amazingstudent that has changed his mindsetand is getting ready to do amazingthings in the future.

10th Grade:
Castro, Xihomara: Xihomara takes it upon herself to help other students, to straighten up our classroom after round robin activities, and to take on a leadership role as facilitator in her learning group.

11th Grade:
Chacon, Gabino: Gabino has impressed me this past month with the most dramatic improvement I have ever witnessed. A socially responsible citizen is someone that not only takes the lead socially, but can effectively get others involved. In our structured groups, Gabino has displayed a strong ability to work effectively with his group members and help his group remain involved in the activities. He has been respectful during class, appropriate outside of the classroom, and inspiring to me as a teacher. His improvement as a socially responsible citizen has inspired me to never give up on a student and continue to remind myself that I should always believe in every student. Along with the help of Mr. Reinozo and Mr. Fulgoni, Gabino is proof that every student is capable of success when teachers believe in them.

12th Grade:
Soria, Lesly: Lesly has been active in her community in many ways. One example is her volunteer work leading workshops to inform community members about DACA. She is an advocate for the rights of immigrants in our community and seeks to advise people that everyone has rights, even those that feel marginalized. Lesly has also worked with youth members of her boxing gym, volunteering four days a week to help them train. Furthermore, Lesly has always supported her school - from donating books and food for charitable campaigns to volunteering to cook tamales for teacher appreciation day. She is always one of the first students to volunteer to help without asking anything in return. These are just a few ways that Lesly demonstrates characteristics of a socially responsible citizen.
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