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Volume I | Spring 2019
Community Bulletin
Public Service Family:
Welcome to the Community Bulletin! This newsletter is intended to be a place for announcements. Please reach out to the Community School Coordinator, Ms. Reyna Guzman, she's located inside the library, if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you!
Upcoming Events
Students & Staff if you'd like to help with planning for Poetry Month please reach out to Ms. Khraizat or Ms. Funk!
Learning Corner & Resources
What is a Community School?
Did you know Public Service Community School is a community school with Los Angeles Education Partnership following the community schools model? Find out more about what a community school model looks like and what are the benefits for the school community.
LAEP recognizes that systemic barriers result in an uneven playing field for learning opportunities and achievement. Our commitment to equity ensures that our vision, mission and strategies remove the barriers and promote agency, thereby creating equity. We celebrate and incorporate the diverse perspectives and histories of our staff and communities into our work. LAEP’s intentional activities to achieve equity drive both the day-to-day operations and the long-term vision of the organization.
Attendance & SWPBIS News
The following students are being recognized as February’s Student of The Month.
This month’s student learner outcome is Critical Thinker. Congratulations Students! 
12th Grade:
Jazmine Felix
Giselle Bustos
Kevin Duran
Nalaleye Orellana
11th Grade:
Jose Galvan
Jose Ramirez
Daniela Gomez
10th Grade:
Alfredo Gomez
Ivan Cortez
Katherine Bonilla
Kevin Luchuga
Sabrina Arevalo
Michelle Villanueva
9th Grade:
Rubi Beltran
Genesis Cruz
Nury Escalante
Leslie Callejas
Opportunities for Families