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Physical Education Department

The PE Department Teaching Objective is to ensure all students are provided with a welcoming, safe, and motivating learning environment, while offering a challenging standards based curriculum that stimulates physical, academic, and social growth. 


This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn through a comprehensive sequentially planned Physical Education program that is aligned with the California State Content Standards for Physical Education. Students will be empowered to make choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a lifetime. 


DAILY MATERIALS NEEDED                                                                           

PSCS PE Tee Shirt (All students will receive 1 free PSCS Tee Shirt).

Athletic Shorts, Sweat pants, or Leggings only (Students Choice).

Gym or Running Shoes only (Students Choice).



Before class go directly to your teacher and ask for a loaner (All loners will be clean). 

Teacher will ask for your school picture ID, you will then fill out a daily loaner log.

Teacher will give you a clean loaner.

At end of class return loaner, at which time students school picture ID is also returned.



You have 10 minutes after the passing bell to get dressed into PE Uniform.

Report directly to the class line up area, and sit in assigned roll call position.

Students not dressed will lose points and will still be expected to participate for a lesser grade. Absences and medical excuses will be required to make up days points once cleared to do so. Pay attention with “voices off” during all instruction/directions. One speaker at a time.

Give your best effort during all activities throughout entire period.

Remain in full uniform until instructed to change.

Fifteen minutes before the end of the period we will line up for days reflection/exit ticket.

Ten minutes before end of period you will dress back into school clothes.

Wait behind red line until released.



Be dressed in PE uniform every class period, unless instructed otherwise.

Be on time to class.

Mutual respect to all persons and property always (This includes language).

Unsafe behavior, bullying of any kind, food, candy, gum, etc., drink of any kind other than bottled water, is not allowed at any time.

Keep electronical devices off out of sight and ear buds out of ears at all times during PE.

All hoods and beanies must be off during class.  You may wear a hat as sun protection. Leaving class without teacher permission is not allowed at any time.



Any behavior that violates any policy or rule will be addressed as such.

Teacher/Student conference (Verbal Warning).

Phone call home (Detention).

Teacher/Parent/Student conference.

Campus intervention including Administrator/Counselor, Teacher, Parent, and Student.



Your teen’s health, safety and well-being are our highest priority, please contact us with any health concerns your child may have. Students who have a medical excuse from a doctor will be expected to make up their points by completing an in class assignment each day they are medically unable to participate.



Students are required to make up all absences.  To do so, students are to complete a minimum of 60 minutes of afterschool physical activity sponsored and supervised by Educate. Ask you specific teacher for the proper paperwork, Failure to complete make up for absences will result in a zero for each day missed. 



Physical education is an activity class in which student participation is mandatory and will be evaluated throughout the semester in accordance to California State Standards. Students are encouraged to give their best effort in all activities every class period to ensure the highest grade possible.  If a student cannot participate for 1 day a note from a parent must be brought to the teacher. If a student cannot participate 2 or more days a doctor’s note must be brought to the teacher. Students excused from participation will be expected to complete an in class make up assignment to gain full credit for each day they cannot physically participate.  If the assignment is not completed it will be a zero for each day of inactivity.



Students will be tested on the 6 components of fitness as mandated by the State of California fitness Gram. To ensure their best chances at passing the fitness gram when given in the spring semester.  Students will set personal fitness gram goals, develop a strategy based upon pre-testing data, and be given ample time throughout the year to practice, and improve.



It is important that students write, inquire, collaborate, organize, and read in ALL subject areas including Physical Education. Students will be given a variety of small in class assignments. Point value and rubrics will be announced prior to each assignment. These assignment factor into the students overall grade. So again best effort is essential.



No hall passes will be given the first 15 or last 15 minutes of class and will only be given under extreme circumstances teacher discretion. It is every student’s responsibility to use the rest room before coming to class.



All students start class on day 1 with an “A” however it is the students’ responsibility to earn the point’s necessary to maintain that grade.  As their teacher, we will provide all students with the information needed to be successful, and will encourage them continually, however again it is the students’ responsibility to earn the points necessary to earn a particular grade.  Overall point totals will fall under the following grade scale for each grading period.  


A = 90% - 100%          

B = 80% - 89%

C = 70% - 79%

D = 60% - 69%

F = 0% - 59%


In closing, we hope this parent information notice has helped you better understand what is expected of your teen while in our class.  We respectfully ask that you please assist us in reinforcing all the information listed on this sheet with your teen, and to please encourage them to give their best effort daily so that they may EARN the highest grade possible. 


“We firmly believe, all students can benefit greatly from the fitness activities, academic concepts, and sociological interaction experienced within our classes. As always, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and passion for physical education with our students.”


Please download and print of copy of both the syllabus and make up assignment found below.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us.



Mr. Brown, Mr. Perez


“We are not only LAUSD Teachers and Athletic Coaches, but also former Student /Athletes and proud Graduates of the LAUSD Public School System.”



About Mr. Brown

Teaching Experience:
19th year as a PE Teacher. 
B.A., M.A., Credential (PE).
Cal State Dominguez Hills
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About Mr. Perez

Teaching Experience: 
This is my 1st year with PSCS and 4th year with L.A.U.S.D. 
Cal State University of Dominguez Hills:
B.A: Kinesiology 
National University:
Single subject teaching credential in physical education.