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The PSCS leadership/ASB class plans school-wide and campus-wide events throughout the school year including activities, dances, fundraisers, charitable giving campaigns, and advisory competitions.  Each month, our committees work diligently to create a positive school culture and generate school spirit.  We also learn and practice leadership skills, such as effective communication, organization and managerial skills, business skills, responsible citizenship, group process, and goal setting.  
Student representatives are comprised of members from all grade levels who are elected to make decisions on behalf of the entire student body within the leadership class, as well as on school committees such as school site council (SSC) and school governance council (SGC).
PSCS Leadership/ASB Advisor:
Ms. Schwarz
Diana Rodriguez
Anahi Lopez
Brenda Gonzalez
Jasmine Ochoa
Mariana Blanca
Sabina Chacon
Brian Coloma
Celeste Lopez
Jennifer Mateo
Lesly Soria
Doris Pedraza
Kimberly Barrera
Tanya Mendoza
Marisol Ramirez
Sarahi Medina
Natalie Lopez
Ana Chavez
Alexis Alvarez
Ariadna Andrade
Littsy Panfillo
Alexis Jauregui
Taiz Bonilla
Brian Morales
Aniana Ibarra
Alejandra Rodriguez
Maria Lechuga
Vanesa Montalvo
Nalalye Orellana
Carlos Delgado