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Welcome back

My name is Mrs. Hatfield and I will be teaching your students this semester. I received my Professional Clear Social Science teaching credential from California State University, Sacramento and I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a B.A. in History and minors in Political Science and Pre-Law.

There are three elements to my philosophy on teaching. They include caring for ALL students beyond the classroom, teaching students as well as learning from them, and having a passion to educate. Teaching is not an 8-hour a day job. As a teacher I need to invest my time and energy into make my students know that I care. I also need to be there not only for the straight A students but for the ones who are struggling. I also need to encourage all students not just the ones whom we think will succeed. As a teacher I will never stop learning. The students can teach me as much as I can teach them. Teachers also need to listen to their students and evaluate their needs and ideas encouraging them to grow.

I will expect my students to be prepared. So many students do not do the reading and the reading is so important to their futures. I want every student I have to succeed and I believe that in order for him or her to succeed they will need to do the reading. I will also try to make it fun but with them starting college soon, I think it is important for them to do the assignments as well as the activities. From you parents I ask that you help your children. Encourage them to do the reading and the assignments and to cooperate with me so that we can make this class go as smoothly as possible while we all learn from each other.

You can expect me to answer any question that you might have, to be there to talk to you about your student’s progress, and to give every student a chance to succeed by being there to help them whenever they have a question or a problem. You can expect me to challenge them and hopefully give them the keys they will need to succeed in high school as well as in the future. I hope that we can have a great semester and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call me. The school phone number is 323-846-2000 and I am in room B-208.

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